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There is no reaction or slowly running after press the start button
1 Possible cause:  
1) the jar’s power is not enough.
2) The jar’s connecting line or plug is loose.
3) Intermediate relay is out of service.
4) Engine failure.
5) The oil transfer system is blocked or not working.
2 Processing method:
1) Check the jar’s charging capacity.
2) Check and fasten the connecting wire and plug
3) Check the intermediate relay.
4) Check the engine.
5) Drain the air out of the fuel system and dredge the pipe to let the fuel go through, check the oil transfer pump as well.
The engine is running but it does not ignite.
1 Possible cause: 
1) Fuel injector has no fuel to eject (fuel is blocked).
2) Air infiltrates into the fuel system.
3) Fuel injection pump’s fuel injection time is not right or fuel injection pump has trouble.
4) The ambient temperature is too low.
2 Processing method:
1) Check whether there is air leakage or blockage of the fuel line between the fuel tank and fuel transfer pump. 
2) Unbolt the exhaust screw and check the oil out condition.
3) Adjust the advance angle of fuel supply.
4) Overhaul or change the fuel injection pump.
5) Add water primary heater unit and fuel primary heater unit.
Automatic stop after start.
Possible cause: 
1) The fuel line does not draw easily, cleanser is blocked, fuel transfer pump has trouble.
2) Air cleanser is blocked.
3) Fuel injector’s failure.
4) Offsetting of self-protection function’s set-up parameter.
2 Processing method:
1) Check the fuel line, change the diesel filter element.
2) Check the air cleanser.
3) Change the fuel injector.
4) Reset the parameter.
Discharging dark smoke
1 Possible cause: 
1) Air cleanser is blocked badly.
2) Incorrect fuel brand.
3) Exhaust back pressure is too strong.
4) Fuel injection pump’s failure.
5) Fuel injector’s seizure.
6) Engine cylinder’s compressive force is not enough.
2 Processing method:
1) Change the air filter element.
2) Change fuel which can adapt ambient temperature.
3) Check the fuel injector’s atomization condition and exhaust pipe’s length and diameter (it will reduce the unit’s power if it is too small).
4) Check the fuel transfer pump and reset the oil supply capacity.
5) Check cylinder’s compressive force.
Discharging blue smoke or white smoke
1 Possible cause: 
1) Lubricant’s brand is not right, oil level is too high.
2) The start time is too short; engine’s temperature is too low.
3) Piston ring is fretted, supercharger is out of work.
2 Processing method:
1) Check the engine oil whether it is too sparse, the oil level is in specialized range.
2) No need to deal with it, it has no load when the generating set works, it will be gone when it has 50% load in 10minutes.
3) Check the gap between the piston ring and cylinder and piston ring groove gap, whether the supercharger is working.
Unstable running
Possible cause:
1) Fuel line does not draw easily or it has air.
2) Fuel injection pump or fuel injector’s failure.
3) Air cleanser is partly blocked.
4) Speed regulator’s failure.
Processing method:
1) Check the joint’s tightness of the fuel line, whether the cleanser is blocked.
2) Check the fuel pump’s injection time, the rack of fuel pump is sensitive, fuel injector’s atomization condition.
3) Check the cleanness of the air cleanser’s filter element.
4) Check the speed regulator.
Engine has abnormal noise
Possible cause:
1) Wrong fuel or fuel’s quality is bad.
2) The injection advance angle is wrong.
3) Fuel injector’s failure, the atomization is bad.
 Processing method:
1) Check the trademark of the fuel or restart it after add good diesel.
2) Check the fuel injection time is right.
3) make sure the fuel injector is working.
Engine is under capacity
Possible cause:
1) Fuel line’s fuel supplying is not well.
2) High pressure oil pump’s abnormal working.
3) Fuel injector’s abnormal working.
4) Air system is blocked.
Processing method:
1) Check the fuel line and make sure it is working well and no air leaking.
2) Check and reset the high pressure fuel pump.
3) Check and change the fuel injector.
4) Check, clean or change the air filter element.
Engine oil’s pressure is too high or too low
Possible cause:
1) Engine oil’s SAE value is not right.
2) Pressure meter’s display is not right.
3) Engine oil’s cleanser is blocked.
Processing method:
1) Check the engine oil’s brand.
2) Change the pressure meter and try it again.
3) Check or change the engine oil’s cleanser.
Water temperature is too high
Possible cause:
1) Air exhaust and cooling system’s failure.
2) Injection advance angle is not correct.
3) Long time for over loading.
4) Belt is loose or V belts excessive wear.
Processing method:
1) Check the water pump and whether can switch on the fuel economizer.
2) Check the exterior of the water pump and make sure it is not blocked, check the tightness of fan belt.
3) Reset the oil injection time.
4) Lower the load.
5) Adjust the belt’s tightness.
6) Change the V belt.