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Model No:PFS1275
Prime Power(kVA/kW):1275/1020
Standby Power(kVA/kW):- / -
Engine Model:S12R-PTA
  PFS1275 Tech.Data

    PFS Series diesel generators are powered by Mitsubishi engines and Mitsubishi turbochargers, which are engineered and manufactured in the same facility. It is certain to result in the high productivity and improved fuel economy diesel generator Mitsubishi engine, under the same cubic capacity with much higher output power and much better environmental protection performance have been the representative particular for heavy duty diesel generating sets application. Every unit is inspected and tested before leaving the factory and the test report is sent with the Gen Set.

    Easy adaptation to meet the various needs of matched equipment, according to the requirement of users.

    Mitsubishi Generator set features include steady and reliable, high shock resistance, strong load resistance, sufficient output power, low emissions, easy and cheap maintenance.

    High quality cast iron and specially designed valve guide ensures sealing performance and durability

    40 centigrade radiator as standard, Oil cooler and Drain tap

    12/24V starting motor and charge engine.Extremely low oil consumption

    Features  Benefits
    Powered by Mitsubishi engine Function stability credibility
    Tightly structure, excellent design and craft Beautiful appearance
    High durability at maximum performance Low life cycle operating cost results in optimal economy
    Excellent cooling system, reliable operation under harshest conditions (ambient temperatures up to 40°C and altitudes up to 1000 m) Gets the job done wherever you are
    Key start or auto start (by LCD) type of modules Allows complete control, easy connecting, ease of operation
    Optional sound attenuated enclosures available Ease of installation, operation, and maintenance
    Designed with safety in mind Earth leakage protectionQuick fix electrical power connections Safety first
    Extensive option list. Customization
    A Full load test is conducted at 25%, 50%, 75%, 100% and 110% Good quality ensure
    Prime Power:  2020kW(1275kVA)
    Standby Power:  kW(kVA)
    Frequency:  50HZ
    Engine Maker:  Mitsubishi
    Engine Model:  S12R-PTA
    Cylinder Arrangement:
    Aspiration:  Turbocharge
    Governing Tpye:  Electric
    Fuel Consumption:  N/A
    100% Load:
     269 L/h
    75% Load:
     N/A L/h
    50% Load:  N/A L/h